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Search Engine Optimization For Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization For Small Businesses

How Do Business Owners Succeed In Their Online Marketing?


Their Message Is To The Point

If you confuse, you shed. They’ll go somewhere else if your internet site visitors can not figure out just how you can fix their specific trouble or that you recognize their concern. You should have the ability to identify the kind of individuals you collaborate with, what their issues are and just how you resolve them.

They Develop Trust With Their Customers

If your site visitors don’t trust you, they will not provide you their cash. You have lots of methods to noticeably show trust fund factors that help tire kickers decide to do organisation with you as well as not another person. Usually, count on is the leading point that distinguishes you from your competitors.

They Are Systematic

Utilizing a repeatable, detailed process to market wins every single time. If you’re utilizing the “shotgun strategy” to your marketing (” spray and also pray”) or use “hope marketing”, you’re not going to have constant outcomes.

They Adjust To New Trends

Test various concepts, and measure the results. If something is working, do even more of that. If it’s not working, you have to identify why, and also make changes. Measurement is the key to effective marketing.



Web Design

Think of your website as your online storefront for your customers in. It’s no wonder that attractive websites attract more customers. 


On Page SEO

This is the process of helping search engines better navigate your website, index it, and help people searching for your services, find your website.


Off Page SEO

This is the process to drive relevant traffic to your website from other channels by promoting your content. It also raises your athority within Google and increases your trust score.


Content Creation

To be effectively ranked in search engines like Google, your website needs to have lots of high quality content that is relevant to your services or industry. Content can be graphical or contextual.


Local SEO

To be noticed in any city that you are targeting, your websites needs citations from directories or aggregates, landing pages, and backlinks.


Video Editing

Today, more that ever, video content has become ever so important in getting people’s attention. More people are watching video than reading text. Videos also rank better on Google.


Keyword Research

Probably the most important thing that needs to be done in order to understand what keywords to rank for. These are what your customers in your city type into the Google search box.


Reputation Management

Building trust within your community informative webpages and also social media is an important step in getting people to start taking about you and build stronger word of mouth.


SEO Competitor Analysis

Your competitors in are also trying to rank their website in Google. It is important to gather data on their efforts and to try to formulate a Blue Ocean strategy that sets your website apart from the others.


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Why Us

Why Choose Us



We Do Keyword Research

Keywords Are User Searches. We Identify Your Top Money Maker Keywords Which Get’s Used To Build Your Custom SEO Strategy.


Professional Service

Best Customer Service

We Take Pride In Wowing Our Clients With Professional Customer Service. We Have Regular Emails, Monthly Meetings, And Monthly Tracking Reports



We Analyze Competitors

We Discover And Complete A Comprehensive Analysis Of Your Top Competitors Which Is Used To Build Your Custom SEO Strategy.


Excellence In Quality

Knowledeable And Skilled

SEO Requires Countless Hours Of Reading, Testing, Trial and Error. Your SEO Strategy Will Be In The Hands Of Me, A Dedicated Professional Who Will Do It Right.



We Optimize You Locally

Local SEO Is A Process Of Helping Search Engines Like Google Identify Your Business Location And Help You Show Up In Local Searches.


Custom Work

Custom SEO Strategies

No Cookie Cutter Work. All SEO Strategies Are Designed Specifially Around Your Industry And Your Business. This Is The Only Way To Get Results.



Step 1: Audit

Your SEO campaign starts with a comprehensive audit of your entire website. the audit is going to help understand where you are starting from and what kinds of work needs to be done in order to rank your website.

Step 2: SEO Competitor Analysis & Industry Trend Analysis

We then move into analyzing your competitors as well as doing an industry trend analysis. This will help us see how competitive your landscape is, and what are the trends in your industry.

Step 3: Keyword Research

In this stage we do research on the kinds of keywords that would make sense for you to start ranking for. These keywords are going to be what we are going to optimize your website on the next stage: On Page SEO.

Step 4: On Page SEO & Technical SEO

On Page SEO is the process in we strategically do things on your website and place keywords in such a way that allows google to crawl your website more easily. This can also include technical SEO work such as increase your speed, and add schema. 

Step 5: Local SEO

With Local SEO, we try to maximize your visibility in the regions that you are looking to acquire visitors from. We perform such tasks as Geo-Tagging pictures, making landing pages, optimizing your google my business account, doing local citations, etc.

Step6: Off Page SEO

With Off-Page SEO, we try to get backlinks for you from other domains which will significantly increase your rankings on Google. All of these will be white hat contextual backlinks so that you don’t get penalized by google.

Step 6: Content Creation For SEO

With content creation, we try to maximize the value of your website by creating value adding content to your website on a consistent basis. This can be videos, images, blogs etc. Then we share that across your social platforms to drive more visitors to your site.

Step 8: Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process in which we try to optimize your image as a company on the web. This means getting you more reviews and publishing photos or blogs that make you stand out as an authority.


Quick FAQ

Get Some

What is SEO?

Search Engines Optimization is the way we get your business website seen by users on the web. This is different from paid ads (which can be waste of money). The process for SEO involves outranking  your rivals for keywords relevant to your business in Search Engines like Google.

Why Do SEO For Your Business?

As you might already know, people are spending most of their time on the internet. SEO is an important part of capturing people’s attention and generating leads online. Search engine optimization allows you to be noticed on the web, which is becoming the most important medium for consumers to research you and your competitors, and products/services. 

What Are The Chances Of Ranking #1 Google?

There is always opportunities to rank #1 in Google for certain search queries. But how long it takes depends on your business, your website, your location, the keywords you are targeting, and your competition. You are encouraged to go through our free audit and see for yourself!!

When Can I See The Results From SEO?

You can expect to start to see results showing up for your web page within 3 month of doing SEO regularly. Whether we like it or not, SEO is a repetitive process. It must be done on a weekly basis (like exercise) before we see results. However it depends on the industry you are in. Our initial audit will clarify that even further.

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