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Keyword Research

Keyword Research For SEO

What is a keyword?

Keywords are google words that Google uses to recognize the content on your website and connect users to your website. An example of a keyword would be like “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO”. Keywords can be longer and the long ones are called long-tail keywords. An example of a long-tail keyword would be “Best SEO Company In Toronto”. Long-tail keywords are becoming more important factors in SEO ranking because of Google RankBrain updates.

What is the importance of keyword research for SEO?

Keywords are vital for SEO because they directly correlate with user inputs into search engines. The purpose of the keyword is to help google Index your website so that it can find it when users search for queries. Properly indexing of your website by search engines like google contributes to your overall SEO. The other important factor is that in order to connect your website to your user, the keywords you choose to rank your website for will ultimately affect your ranking factor.

How many keywords should I rank for?

A lot of companies sell SEO packages based on the number of keywords. The truth is that it’s not about the number of keywords your website ranks for, it’s where you rank for those keywords. Therefore, even if your website ranks for 50 keywords, it doesn’t matter, what matters is those few keywords that you rank #1 or #2 or #3. The rest of them put you fall down the google search results that no one even notices your website. Our approach to keyword ranking is starting with comprehensive research into what keywords users are typing in search boxes and what keywords your competitors are ranking high for. With that, we pick a handful of targeted keywords and put resources to rank you for those target keywords. In the process of ranking you for those keywords, we complement them with Latent Semantic Indexing (SLI) keywords that enhance their recognition by google robots.

What are the best marketing phrases?

Marketing phrases come and go out of style like fashion. Today may be popular for people to type in Google “SEO company near Toronto”, but tomorrow, it may be popular for people to type in google “ SEO Toronto”. We have a way of measuring this and creating analytic data that tell us the likelihood of certain keywords being used in the near future.

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