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Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO Services

What are off Page SEO services?

Off page SEO otherwise known as off-site SEO is search engine optimization that happens outside of your website. Traditionally, off page SEO was considered the same as backlinking. Backlinks are recommendations from other websites about your website telling search engines that your site is a trust worthy website. However, things have changes since the introduction of Google’s Hummingbird. Backlinks now must come from relevant websites who they themselves are considered trust worthy by Google.  Think of google trying to create a web ecosystem where trust worthy websites refer each other. Today, off page SEO is more about building a reputation on the web than it is getting backlinks.

Why Off Page SEO is important for google searches?

Offpage SEO is another component of how Google ranks a website. Consider this scenario. Two websites that look similar, and have similar on page SEO. The way one is going to rank better than the other one is based on recommendations. Therefore the site which has more recommendations from trust worthy sources on the internet will rank better than those that are not.

What are Off Site SEO techniques?

There are 3 types of off page SEO techniques. The first is Black Hat SEO, and it’s a strategy that tries to cheat Google into thinking that the website is trust worthy, when it hasn’t earned it. This strategy no longer works because Google’s artificial intelligence has evolved to detect this. If any website is found doing this, it gets penalized by Google and taken down. The second is White Hat SEO techniques which is considered the best, if not, the only way to rank in google now. White Hat approach tries to build a reputation for website by creating value creating content and sharing it with other web pages in the same niche. We take every effort to ensure our off pageSEO strategy is always White Hat SEO so you never have to worry about a penalty from google.

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