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SEO Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis

Why Should You Always Do A SEO Competitor Analysis?

In real life, business is like a game and every player in this game is competing against each other for market share which is valued in dollars. Therefore if an industry is valued 10 million dollars, and a company brings in revenue worth 1 million dollars from this industry, this company would be considered to have a 10% market share. The world of the internet is very much like this. The only difference is that market share is measured in search traffic. A particular keyword might have 100 thousand searches done per month and if your website’s volume from that keyword can generate 10 thousand visitors, then you have a 10% market share from that industry. Keywords, in a way are channels into absorbing market share.

By doing SEO competitor analysis, we get a clear understanding of how your competitors are gaining market share. This is important information for two reasons. First, it gives you an idea of what is working so you can do it too. Second, it gives you an idea of what they are not doing, and what potential opportunities may exist for you to get a competitive edge into grabbing more market share.

What Is The Difference Between Direct & Indirect Competition

Direct Competitors are competitors that provide products or services that closely resemble what you offer. For example, let’ take the example that I sell Local SEO services in the grand business market. My competitors are also selling local SEO Services. Although we might have a different level of quality when it comes to providing Local SEO, at the end of the day, we are selling the same service. We might compete on quality, we might compete on price, or we might compete on marketing skills. As a result, when we try to sell that service on the internet, the keywords that we try to rank for might be the same keywords our competitors might be trying to rank for. Competitors that compete on the same keywords as you do and provide the same type of service are your direct competitors.

On the other hand, Indirect Competitors are competitors that happen to be in your industry, but they don’t necessarily provide the same products or services as you do. What makes them your competitor is that since they are in your industry, they are competing for the same keywords as you.

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